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Monetize your mobile apps with high paying surveys from top brands.

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How It Works

Get paid to reward users for their opinion.

  • Profiler

    User answers anonymous demographic questions for survey matching

  • Choose

    User chooses to take a survey for a reward

  • Survey

    User completes survey that is personalized for them.

  • Reward

    User gets a reward for completing survey.

Rewarded Surveys fit perfectly into our monetization strategy for WordChums. Users opt-in at on their own time and enjoy sharing their opinions for the high payouts. TapResearch has become a high yield partner across iOS, Android and our Facebook game.

John Boog-Scott COO,


Unlock global revenue with a new reward-based format.

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High Yield

10x Rewarded Video Performance

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Global inventory and localization across 23+ countries.

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High Fill Rate

Consistent high fill survey inventory regardless of time of week.

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Audience Data

Collect anonymized demographic data about your users.

Research Partners

TapResearch powers research for the world’s largest brands and research companies.

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Easy Integration

Flexible integration options to fit your needs across iOS, Android and Web.

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