TapResearch Audience Network

50M+ daily users. 23 countries. 10,000+ mobile apps. Delivering unparalleled respondent reach and quality.

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Real People

Everyone uses mobile apps.
Our audience network is built from a diverse collection of apps and games. These apps represent a broad range of genres from crossword puzzles to action games. This network has been used to build an audience representing all ages, ethnicities, locales, education and income levels.

By rewarding in a timely and virtual manner, there is less incentive for programmatic fraudsters. This reward methodology, coupled with our strong sense of device and account level identity, ensures our end users are always real people.

Relevant Rewards

In-app survey incentives help us reach people who otherwise would not take surveys. In fact, over 80% of our respondents have never taken a survey for a reward or been a member of a survey panel, ever.

In-app rewards are highly relevant in the context of an app, allowing users to accelerate through hours of game play or unlock premium content. While the monetary cost can be quite low, there is strong motivation to answer survey questions.

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Survey Entry

Respondent Experience First

We are committed to building a thriving network that treats respondents fairly and provides them with a reliable, high quality experience.

Unlike other online panels, all TapResearch respondents are guaranteed a reward, even if the survey they select disqualifies them.

By treating respondents with respect, and ensuring they are reliably compensated any time they participate in a survey, we are able to introduce 70,000 new people to surveys every day.

Quality Controls

Quality is of the utmost importance to TapResearch. Although we are inherently less attractive to programmatic fraud, we still continue to build safeguards against bad actors. These safeguards are as follows:

We employ industry best practices like VPN / Proxy detection, device fingerprinting, redirect hashing and other behavioral analysis. Besides that, our reward system is inherently less attractive to fraud.

Respondent behavior and quality are initially evaluated through a 9-question profiling survey prior to accessing any commercial survey opportunities. This profiling survey allows us to evaluate consistency and analyze combinations of high/low probability data points.

All profile data points are refreshed at least every 90 days to keep data fresh and accurate.

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We engage respondents in moments while they are using their apps when they are likely to be interested in earning rewards.

Traditional panels have to pay to acquire their users, creating an incentive to quickly recoup their acquisition costs and driving prices up. In our network there are zero panel acquisition costs. By not having to pay to acquire new users, we can provide much better prices than traditional panels.

global reach

Global Reach

Our technology platform is designed to be globally scalable. From localization to regulatory compliance, our infrastructure supports global reach – enabling us to be currently active in 25 countries.

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Reach any audience through the largest sample source.

Survey rewards

Unlock global monetization through rewarded surveys.