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TapResearch Country Map
Monthly Active Respondents
United States1,612,924
Brazil 340,268
Great Britain156,179
France 111,432
Canada 101,836
Mexico 55,914
South Korea22,023
South Africa 15,030
New Zealand13,260
Poland 11,743
Sweden 8,470
Hong Kong59,31
Norway 5,049
Updated 10/2019
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Avoid Common Pitfalls with TapResearch

No Reselling

Most online panels outsource heavily, opening the door to major data quality problems. We never outsource projects, so you can be confident in your data.

No 'Pro' Survey Takers

Online panels are typically dominated by a small number of people who take most of the surveys. TapResearch reaches fresh respondents representing a wide variety of niche and general populations.

Proper Localization

We employ a rigorous process to ensure professional and accurate localization for each country and language we support - a critical component to reach and engage high quality respondents.

Free Respondent Profiles and Targeting Data

All TapResearch respondents complete a demographic profiling survey in order to qualify for commercial surveys. This profile data is also used to measure attentiveness and answer consistency. Research customers have access to these data profiles free of charge.

Many surveys require additional qualifying criteria beyond simple demographics. Through additional profiling surveys, TapResearch supports hundreds of additional profile data points that researchers can use to target more specific audiences.

Research Partners

TapResearch powers research for the world’s largest brands and research companies.

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