Our Story


TapResearch is a research technology company that connects surveys to 100M+ respondents via mobile apps and games. We exist to make it easy, fast and cheap to know what people think, feel and do.

Thanks to our connectedness through the internet and mobile apps, we are able to connect millions with advanced targeting for a fraction of the price of traditional survey data collection.

Our foundation is Audience Network, a collection of thousands of mobile apps where tens of millions of people answer questions in the apps they use every day.

We aspire to make doing primary research so easy, that it becomes a part of of the modern decision-making process for every company.


TapResearch was founded in 2013 by Aaron Platshon (CEO), Kevin Chang (CTO) and Greg McCullough (COO), who met at their prior company, a peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace startup. Amongst them they have experience building products and companies across gaming, consumer marketplaces and electric vehicles.

Frustrated by their experiences trying to research car owners and renters, they teamed up to start TapResearch, imagining the large scale insights platform TapResearch is today.

Backed by investment from top-tier angel and venture capital investors, the company is profitable and growing rapidly.