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TapResearch is used by over 50 million users in 10,000+ apps.

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Traditional research is fielded to panels of users who sign up to take many surveys each day, mostly on desktop computers. These professional panelists do not accurately represent the opinions of the population. TapResearch reaches users through mobile apps and games — people just like you who use their phones and tablets every day.

TapResearch rewards users in the virtual currency of their game or app: coins, gold, diamonds, etc. These rewards are not attractive to the programmatic fraudsters who create major quality problems in the research industry. Our respondents are real people who are rewarded in a way that has value to them in the moment.

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Mobile sampling carries less cost than traditional panels due to our real-time sampling approach.

We do not spend time and money recruiting users to our panel. We engage users in real time, putting them through our profiler, identity and quality checks if they are new, then match them to relevant survey opportunities.

Our virtual currency rewards are also highly valuable to users, letting us complete large scale research projects at extremely low prices to our customers.

Global Reach

Mobile-first sampling delivers global respondents.

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Mobile Sampling Technology

Mobile-first sampling delivers global respondents

  • Targeting icon Advanced Targeting and Screening
  • Feasibility icon Accurate Feasibility Estimates
  • Quality management icon Active and Passive Quality Management
  • Programmatic icon Programmatic API Interfaces
  • Mobile icon Mobile Device ID Targeting
  • Location icon Localized for 25 Countries

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