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54 year old Male
Texas, United States
2 minute survey
490 coins
28 year old Female
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
6 minute survey
13 Gems
64 year old Female
Maryland, United States
4 minute survey
288 Coins
52 year old Female
Nevada, United States
6 minute survey
202 Points
28 year old Male
Wisconsin, United States
3 minute survey
625 coins
54 year old Male
Texas, United States
2 minute survey
455 coins
32 year old Male
Indiana, United States
9 minute survey
95 Coins
35 year old Female
Pennsylvania, United States
13 minute survey
114 Coins
19 year old Male
Bayern, Germany
5 minute survey
10 Gems
36 year old Female
Noord-Holland, Netherlands
8 minute survey
22 Diamonds

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